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== [[Ceiling / LED Awesomeness]] ==
== [[Ceiling / LED Awesomeness]] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/12/07/vacuform_1/| Vacuum Forming] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/12/07/vacuform_1/ | Vacuum Forming] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/12/06/raspberry-pi-macgyver/| Raspberry Pi Remote Access] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/12/06/raspberry-pi-macgyver/ | Raspberry Pi Remote Access] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/11/23/ssh-port-forwarding/| Port forwarding for Interlock-hosted machines] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/11/23/ssh-port-forwarding/ | Port forwarding for Interlock-hosted machines] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/11/14/eproms-and-success/| New Uses for old EPROMS] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/11/14/eproms-and-success/ | New Uses for old EPROMS] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/10/17/amiga-1000-repair/| Amiga repair] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/10/17/amiga-1000-repair/ | Amiga repair] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/07/20/remote-control-hacking/| Remote control hacking] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/07/20/remote-control-hacking/ | Remote control hacking] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/01/24/building-with-acrylic/| Acrylic telepresence stand] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/01/24/building-with-acrylic/ | Acrylic telepresence stand] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/01/22/recycled-paper-origami/| Recycled-paper origami] ==
== [http://interlockroc.org/2012/01/22/recycled-paper-origami/ | Recycled-paper origami] ==
== [[ Kegerator ]] ==
== [[ Kegerator ]] ==

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[edit] Project Process

  • Brainstorm with other people on ideas
  • Send out an announcement (via Google Group) that you are interested in starting a new project.
  • Update the wiki, using the project template
  • Update the President / Vice President on milestones so they can add it to the weekly project updates
  • Keep member collaboration centralized via one of the following tools:
    • Bulletin / Message Board (software TBD, highly recommend SMF)
    • Separate Google Groups mailing list
    • A post on the main website -- ask around for access or to have someone post it.
    • <insert tool here> - only requirement is that all members have access to it. Bonus points if it integrates with the LDAP server.

[edit] Lockpicking Door

[edit] Ceiling / LED Awesomeness

[edit] | Vacuum Forming

[edit] | Raspberry Pi Remote Access

[edit] | Port forwarding for Interlock-hosted machines

[edit] | New Uses for old EPROMS

[edit] | Amiga repair

[edit] | Remote control hacking

[edit] | Acrylic telepresence stand

[edit] | Recycled-paper origami

[edit] Kegerator

[edit] Balloon Based Projects

[edit] Reprap/Makerbot Build

Description: Berticus really wants to tinker with 3d printing, and thus desires access to either a Makerbot or the next generation Reprap Mendel.

Details: Makerbots can be purchased for $750 or $950. The higher price reflects some premium features, mainly pre-assembled electronics, a power supply, and some extra plastic filament. Bots are currently rather backordered. Mendel parts are impossible to find. There seem to be no kits out there for the non-extruded parts (threaded rod, etc.), so even if we can find somebody to print us the plastic bits, it'll still be a bit of a pain to get everything together. Right now a Makerbot is probably the way to go, and we can use that to print out the Mendel parts to make a second bot for experimentation (developing new print heads and such).

Berticus has gotten a 3D printer and is working on building another one. Skip has one, and is trying to get it to work. Bill, Alex, and Deejoe are in various stages of accumulating parts for theirs.