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There are a ton of things about 3D printing out in the big bad Internet, so let's focus on what we have used, what we are using, what we have near-term plans to use. Our main reference points are the RepRap community and Thingiverse, with perhaps a nod to Shapeways.

(On this page should list software, links to hardware we actually have, configuration files, lists of what we've printed, wishlist of what we want to print, consumables purchased and on hand, wishlist of consumables, *maybe* wishlist for other hardware (though that can get crazy). When we get that done, we can delete this paragraph, consigning it to the revision history.)


Problems, Tweaks, Workarounds, Victories, Defeats, Lessons Learned

So far, printing seems to work best from the microSD card.

The PTFE tube kept popping out from the extruder feed end. Beardicus, Alex, and JustBill got together and designed and implemented a plan to hold it involving sandpaper and a small custom clamp in mid March 2012.

In printing parts for the Printrbot design, Alex found that the printer would jam up near the top end of the Z-axis for the tallest pieces. That remains something of an open issue.

Some puzzle items when being printed seem to need more support to keep from slumping and warping into uselessness.

Puzzle dimensions were about a layer's thickness too much in each dimension.


The 3D Printing meetings have been scheduled for 2nd Thursdays, starting April 12, 2012.

So, "3D Printer Interest Group" aka "3DPIGs"

Printer Hardware


The first printer in the space is a Huxley RepRap Beardicus bought as a kit from eMaker.

Jesse brought in a kit for a (name of design etc here).


Auxiliary hardware


For most of March 2012 have mostly been using Alex's old thinkpad, but JustBill might have an old laptop that can be dedicated to the job.

Print monitoring

Through most of March 2012 has mostly consisted of people sitting around while prints were in progress. This isn't very sustainable, as it is inconsistent with both keeping the printer running while having printer folks maintain the jobs they use to buy more cool printing stuff and supplies.

Feedstock management


Apparently, PLA should be kept in a cool dry place.

Feed spools

Alex and JustBill wound up the orange feedstock on a black plastic spool, then Alex hacked up frame for the spool with extruded aluminum, PVC pipe, and blue tape. Joe fished out a spool that can be disassembled from under the 2D color printer. It has three long bolts with 3/8" heads that can be unscrewed to disassemble the spool so that unspooled feedstock can be slipped over the center of the spindle.

Feedstock Supplies

For feedstock, we're pretty much using PLA.

Brian bought some orange and natural from http://ultimachine.com/ with some samples of opaque white and translucent green.

Alex has an order pending from https://www.protoparadigm.com/

JustBill is about to order some.


Design, Viewing, Converters

Linux 3D viewers and converters:


Printer communication and control

During the March 2012 push to get the printer working, Alex was running printrun and Slic3r. Based on that, and some cursory web searching, Joe downloaded http://dl.slic3r.org/linux/slic3r-linux-x86-0-7-1.tar.gz and https://github.com/jmil/Printrun/zipball/chenlab but it looks like that's maybe a fork of https://github.com/kliment/Printrun

Configuration files

Alex or Brian: Please put the current Slic3r configuration file here.

Please put config files for other printers as they come online, too, please.


Printing HOWTOs, Checklists, Do's and Don'ts

Ready-made designs

Parts printed

Include short descriptions here, links to thingiverse or other downloadable design file archives, pictures of pieces being printed and of finished pieces and of any finished assemblies including finished pieces.

Parts to print

What do you want printed?