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This is the user page of Dhraakellian, also known variously as Nick, KC2YTG, That Annoying Guy in the Green Jacket, et cetera.

I have a piece of paper saying that I have an Associates Degree in Computer Science, but in the time between finishing the CS classes and then finally completing the non-CS classes, I rather let my skills atrophy and gather rust. My goal at Interlock is to brush away that rust.

[edit] Programming

(copied from an email sent to the mailing list)

My interests lie in Ruby (non-web), Qt, and possibly C++. If no one is interested in working with these, (re)learning them with me, etc, I might consider doing some Python, since that seems a bit more in vogue among the membership/friends.

I do have some specific projects in mind:

[edit] Ham-related

 GUI for OpenWouxun (
   # Probably something like the proprietary windows program, but with a less 
      annoying interface.
   * Ruby/Qt frontend to current the current CLI program?
   * C++/Qt interface directly in the codebase?
 Port Qtel/svxlink to Maemo/MeeGo for Echolink capability on the n900
   * Requires porting (or polishing a port) from Qt3 to Qt4
   * Hildonize the interface to make it more finger-friendly
   * Switch sound stuff over to PulseAudio, if it hasn't already been done

[edit] Other Projects

 Finish the rbmoodbar renderer (
   * Make it more robust, remove dirty hacks with brilliant ones
   * Make an actual .wps file that works with current RockBox versions
   * Give it a nicer interface
     - wrapper script to render entire collections' worth of moods
     - GUI for drag'n'drop sexiness
     - Amarok integration
 Go through the C++/Qt4 book on the bookshelf
   # I could probably do this one myself, but someone else doing it 
      concurrently would probably keep me more honest about keeping with it.

These are just some ideas. I would welcome comments, suggestions, and, of course, any interest in helping with the above.