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  • Building Manager: Larry Knapp
  • Building Security: 5855636083
  • Technically called the "Hungerford Building", located in the Neighborhood of the Arts
Layout of building
Interlock Doors
Hanging out at the space
Network rack and shelving
Kitchen area

[edit] Our Space: 200

Area Available: 1100sq ft

Possible Layouts - Discussion of layout for the space


1115 E. Main St
Suite 200
Rochester, NY 14609


  • TOTAL: $434
  • Shared Cost: $60 (heat, meter reading, maintenance)
  • Estimate Electricity: $50


  • Basement
  • 24x7 access
  • iButton Door Access
  • Custom Painted Plumbing
  • Good Landlord
  • "Artsy" neighbors

Other Information

  • 1 year lease
  • No included garbage pickup

[edit] Expansion

Area Available: +550 sq ft


  • +$195
  • no added shared costs

[edit] Neighbors