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[edit] Meetings

[edit] Business Plan

Holder for business plan information (see google doc)

Developing a Business Plan for Non-profits - Strategic Planning

[edit] Bylaws

see bylaws

[edit] Mission Statement

Official statement of purpose in Section 1 and Section 2 of Bylaws

[edit] Not For Profit

[edit] Budget

[edit] Eric's 16 point process of creating a hackerspace -

  1. Business Plan
    1. Formulating Steps, procuring services of Lawyer/Accountant
    2. Mission Statement
    3. Assets/Financials, Budget/Income Projection
    4. Present offering uniquely –why us?
    5. Market evaluation, place in market niche
    6. Breakdown income source/potential
    7. Outline membership plan (# of members+$ per month =revenue generated)
    8. Sponsorships/Donations/Merchandise/Products etc.
    9. Define reasons for choosing to go non-profit
    10. Write up the plan
    11. Notarize and finalize
    12. Present to potential investors, banks, clients etc.
  2. Staff/Operators
    1. Identify what you need to run company as far as personnel
    2. Figure out who is available to you
    3. Assess suitability for various roles
    4. What can you offer them?
    5. What is their long term potential? Long term goals?
    6. Separate financial supporters vs. non-financial
    7. Define roles and place people in positions of merchandisers, teachers, lecturers, administrative, house staff etc.
  3. Acquire Non-Profit Status
    1. Get paperwork/legal counsel
    2. Obtain proper permits/licenses
    3. Get insurance (expand later on to cover equipment and possessions in the space)
    4. Submit file
    5. Follow up with whoever is handling case
  4. By-Laws
    1. Base off of the HackDC model
    2. Modify to suit new venture
    3. Have board sign off on them
  5. Budget
    1. Operating Costs
    2. Lease for space
    3. Permits and license fees/legal fees
    4. Equipment supplies/building materials
    5. Cost of setting up and maintaining web presence
    6. Advertising/Marketing
    7. Salaries for staff
    8. Auxiliary costs (utilities, basic supplies, insurance etc.)
  6. Monies
    1. Membership model
    2. Tier structure –Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime Model
    3. Sponsorships
    4. Donations
    5. Investors
    6. Merchandise Income
    7. Other potential income sources (Advertising revenue from online, affiliate donations etc.)
  7. Location
    1. What do you need/want? (Size, location, proximity to transportation, neighborhood affiliations etc.)
    2. How much can you reasonably afford?
    3. Explore lease-to-buy options
    4. Buildout potential of space
    5. Zoning/permits/operating rules and requirements of space –does it work?
    6. Is it accessible?
    7. Can it accommodate technology/upgrades/sound/heavy traffic etc?
  8. Layout
    1. Size
    2. Breakdown space into front/back, public/private areas
    3. Determine fixed/mutable spaces
    4. Coordinate with DIY people
    5. Consider what materials to use/maximum efficiency/safety issues
    6. Hypothesize future buildout –sketch rendering of space to that effect
    7. Determine overall motif and themes
  9. Web Presence
    1. Site/Personal email/Blog/Forum
    2. Memberships
    3. Maintenance
    4. Merchandise
    5. Online lectures/materials
    6. Links/Affiliates
    7. Advertising
  10. Equipment
    1. Basics for start-up
    2. In-house tools/materials
    3. Portable/moveable/off-site equipment/materials
    4. What is needed to facilitate the spaces being built? What can we reasonably provide, what will they need to provide for themselves?
    5. Possible Co-op of tools and such?
    6. Possibility of building new equipment and such on-site?
  11. Marketing/Advertising
    1. Identify markets/niche
    2. Show marketability
    3. Who are your members? Can they offer anything towards this end?
    4. Merchandise, in-house/affiliate-related
    5. Expand market –network!
    6. Have paid advertising on website?
  12. Members
    1. Getting them to join
    2. Getting them involved
    3. Physical/Financial presence
    4. Participation
    5. Volunteers
    6. Conventions/gatherings/parties etc.
    7. Feedback/Forum input
  13. Affiliates/Associates
    1. Among friends/current members
    2. Outside immediate network
    3. Networking within like organizations
    4. Approach alternative educational institutions for support?
    5. Link online with others
    6. Co-op
    7. Joint endeavors/group exercises/Inter-system challenges?
  14. Classroom Module
    1. What do you want to offer?
    2. Disciplines
    3. Teachers/Lecturers
    4. Participation model
    5. Materials
    6. Fees
    7. Online availability/streaming video/live feed
    8. Certification?
    9. Continuing the educational cycle (learn, teach, learn teach etc)
  15. Infrastructure Buildout
    1. Space to space linkage
    2. Global?
  16. Franchise/Model Branching
    1. Viability
    2. Desirability
    3. Resource capability
    4. Location(s)
    5. Venue-type expansion (i.e. club, workshop, warehouse, tech/science lab etc.)