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[edit] Official Friends of Interlock trophy

Description: When we visit other hackerspaces or form partnerships with other organizations, it would be cool to give them something that came from the hackerspace. The idea being that it's hand made, geeky, and shows off the Interlock logo in some way.


  • That was easy button re-recorded to say a private message and repainted to have our logo
  • Robot of some kind (for Felix)
  • Draudio Pen

[edit] Comments

How about some sort of abstract object trophy, that's actually just a piece of a larger objects. The different hackerspaces that received them would have to get together to put the final "trophy" together. Or perhaps they'd all combine into Voltron or Captain Planet. Some such. Or, instead of getting physically together perhaps all the spaces would 3d scan their objects and combine them that way. There'd have to be something extra to thwart that... electronic contacts in each piece that "networked" the larger object perhaps. Ramble complete. --Berticus 20:52, 8 December 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Interlock Rubik's Cube V0


[edit] Overview

Description: Create a custom Rubik's cube with Interlock's information on it as a gift to FamiLab, a hackerspace in Orlando.

[edit] Resources

[edit] Directions

  1. Carefully remove the cube from the packaging so not to damage the plastic case. You may want to put it back inside. You can do this by slitting the tape at the bottom on the side and gently bending it open
  2. print out the custom template on adhesive paper(NOTE: The gear does not perfectly line up right now)
  3. cut out squares. you will probably need to trim them after you cut them
  4. using an iron, steam the stickers until the edges start to peel and then pull them off
  5. do this for each side you'll be replacing
  6. put the stickers on the empty rubiks cube
  7. carefully put back into container
  8. give to someone

[edit] Lessons learned

  • Its tedious to cut the perfect squares necessary - this should be automated with a cutting board or premade labels
  • The paper quality sucks for the laser printing. A glossy finish would be better
  • The plastic is pretty thick and an LED probably won't shine through without poking a hole
  • If you take it apart, it's very hard to get the last piece back together
  • Iron the stickers on low heat and lots of steam so not to melt plastic

--Antitree 05:43, 15 December 2009 (UTC)

[edit] Interlock Rubik's Cube V1