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[edit] Lightning Talks

LIghtning Talks will be held at Interlock Rochester on Tuesday, April 30, from 7-9PM. Talks are up to 5 minutes and can be on any topic you want. If the talk will need audio/visual aids (presentation slides, video, pictures) please have them available before we start so that they can be loaded onto the presentation system. There will NOT be time between talks to switch to a different laptop and configure it to work with a projector.

[edit] Presenters So Far

  • Carl Schmidtmann
  • Mark Manning
  • Skip Meetze
  • Jaimee Lindvay
  • Scott Lawrence
  • Your Name Here!

[edit] Processing/Arduino Course

Please see the O'Reilly course description for more details. We will be at the space projecting the sessions each Tuesday at six, starting August 31st. The week before we'll be sure to get everybody situated with hardware and software so we're ready to go. Please confirm your attendance below, and note if you need to purchase any of the required supplies. We will send out the Adafruit order soon to equip everybody in time.

[edit] Attendees

[edit] Does not need parts

  • Beardicus
  • BinaryMan
  • JustBill
  • JustBill's JustWife

[edit] Needs parts

  • Nick/Dhraakellian
  • IGadget (need an arduino)