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[edit] Members

[edit] Description

Interlock needs an easy way to give members access to the space. It is important however, to maintain the ability to easily remove access punitively or as members choose to leave the group. The ability to keep track of who enters and leaves the space is not only helpful for security, but also could be used creatively.

[edit] Overview

Version 1: Currently, in space(42), the double doors have a wire run through them to connect to an electric strike. When activated, the strike magnetizes and unlocks the door. This activation is controlled by an Arduino(FreeDuino) and a custom built Arduino shield. The purpose of the shield is to interface with both the electric strike and the iButton using the One Wire protocol. When an iButton is pressed, the circuit processes whether or not the iButton is on the list of users allowed to enter. If so, the eletric strike is activated granting access.

Version 2: The latest version builds upon version one with new hardware and support for an authorization service, LDAP. An OpenLDAP server with all of the past and present members in it contains their current membership status. When a member uses their iButton to enter the door, the Arduino (now a Pachube network based Aruduino type IC) relays the serial number of the iButton to an OpenLDAP server. The OpenLDAP server runs a proprietary service on a specific port so that it only returns the status of that iButton and no other information (due to processing costs). NOTE: The system has been program and tested in a development scenario but has yet to be installed into the current space.

[edit] References

[edit] Work Log

  • Berticus purchased a four conductor electronic hinge. 2/15
  • Circuitry is breadboarded and functioning. 2/7
  • Berticus is working on iButton/Arduino portion. Antitree ordered 25 ibuttons and holders shipped UPS ground on 1/25.
  • problem with strike not fitting in the door from Felix. Talked to Brian The Door Guy. Purchased HES 5900 strike plate for $125 that will work in the door. He will give us the wires to organize ourselves. Setup allows for someone inside to open door even during a power outage. --Antitree 18:48, 22 January 2010 (UTC)
  • Received electric strike, rfid reader, arduino ethernet shield
  • Purchased some arduino parts for testing parallax rfid chip --Antitree 00:27, 25 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Purchased some parts to test user:berticus and user:antitree
  • Planned meeting 12/21 at 6pm --Antitree 16:40, 21 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Pee and AntiTree met to test out the server and client successfully. 10/10/2010. Waiting for door installation.

--Antitree 13:17, 8 February 2012 (EST)

  • LDAP implemented, server setup, door installed. Hardware is janky. Needs more testing.