Meetings 2017

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See MIBS Simplified Rules of Coordinated Consensus through Chaos for details about how we conduct meetings.


  • Started at 20:00
  • Attendance: Scott, Carl, Ryan, JustBill, Dollar Bill, Alex, Chris, Alaine
  • No objections to last months minutes
  • No consent agenda
  • President report : don't have much. place is still here
  • VP: just starting job this week nothing to report will do great things in the future
  • Secretary: linux workshop happened, arduino meetup did not, I just started the job also
  • Treasurer: showed balance sheet and P&L for October
    • showed balance sheet and P&L for November
    • We have money. We have income. We have expenses.
    • Please pay your dues
  • Member at large: nothing to report
  • No old business
  • No new business
  • Congrats to new board memebers
  • Adjourned: 20:09pm