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"If you're edged 'cause I'm weazin all your grindage, just chill." ~Pauly Shore, Biodome


Name: Matt Ewing
Interests: hardware, diyCNC, sdiy, 3D-Printing, linux, woodworking

[edit] Projects

[edit] Glass

What is it? It's a bluetooth HUD based on the Kopin Cyberdisplay.
Why? Just for fun.

[edit] Laser

Always trying to fix that blasted thing. Any Problems, hmu in irc, yadig?

[edit] Micro Mod-Synth

A modular synthesizer in an smd world.
Card based modules to make it inexpensive and much smaller. Analog VCO's made with simple, easy to find parts.


  • VCF's
  • MIDI Controller
  • LFO's
  • Distortion