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Just graduated from University of Rochester in May, 2010 after a rather long (12 year) college experience during which time I was also working. (No I am not a PhD or MD)


[edit] Potential hackerspace assets

Certain skills right now that may be useful for hackerspace improvement activities

  • Proto hardware repair, troubleshooting, and production including basic SMT rework
  • Embedded MCU software design in ASM (PIC and AVR), and ARM, and MIPS
  • Embedded Linux and BSD builds and projects (from kernel to apps)
  • Desktop and utility application development
  • System level programming (drivers, etc) on Windows (yup), Linux, and FreeBSD

[edit] What I would like to learn/work on/help with/fail at

  • Metalworking, tool machining/production
  • Design and aesthetics in various mediums

[edit] Interests

[edit] Ham Radio

Note: I am an Extra and a VE affiliated with W5YI-VEC (which is unfortunately the "wrong" one in these parts). I can apply for Laurel, and possibly get some licensing/exam stuff going at the space. The other alternative is that we get a couple other eligible members or other operators to become W5YI listed and I would not mind being a CVE (paper pusher).

[edit] Some Equipment

  • Kenwood TH-D7 - awesome dualbander with APRS and general AX.25 features
  • Icom W32A - A nice upgrade from the following:
  • Icom W2A - My first new HT, after replacing an IC-2AT, it's a dualband and it was an engineering marvel in its day, and would still be useful
  • Icom IC-736 - This is my main HF+6M allmode rig. I am not huge on HF (not due to lack of interest)
  • Yaesu FT-8900R quad band mobile - 10M FM is a bit of a gimmick, but this is still a very nice radio

[edit] Field Day

  • In 2006 I ran a 3A field day station at a local ski lodge, mostly attended by highschoolers with a radio club. Granted, a (1x3) N2PMP is not the best for a fully scored entry (but there were no other club or Extra calls available), but we had fun and PSK-31 contacts are worth as much as CW. W2CM graciously loaned his FD equipment since he was not operating that year.

[edit] Programming

[edit] Open source interests

I personally endorse all these projects as worthy endeavors for the curious to get involved in.

  • org-mode I've used emacs practically since coming from the womb, but now it is essentially ingrained in my day to day life.
  • gEDA - Great community and developers. I heavily considered doing GSoC this year for a CIS implementation but economically it wouldn't pan out
  • MAME - Historic hardware is awesome and emulation of said hardware is as well.
  • LLVM and clang - I started on a project for a backend for an embedded MCU (there is an ongoing project for PIC16s, so this is not as crazy as you think), but its on my MAYBE list at this point.
  • qemu - I am still more interested in this for the general system emulation and its cool code generator (TCG) facilities than for virtualization

I used this to do a weird hack: A captiventfs like thing, but instead for ARM-based Windows CE in order to get access to an Intel proprietary Flash filesystem driver exclusively for CE. This involved some weird stuff:

    • Implementing a full featured Strataflash device in qemu
    • Writing parts of the Windows CE API (coredll.dll) that the driver library depended on (like WINE)
    • Writing a simple PE file loader with support for ARM binaries and the ability to resolve library relocs into a DLL loaded into the qemu "harness"
    • Writing an IPC system to make cross process calls into the qemu application and hacking the qemu program to break into the emulator to make "library" calls and return results from the emulator memory/stack space.
  • zint Barcode Gen - Despite a few flaws in matrix code generation (patchtime!), this seems like a great starting point and an awesome effort from Robin Stuart.
  • MusicBrainz - The site and the infrastructure (software).
  • rockbox - Embedded ARM is something I slaved away at for years, but I never seem to get the time to contribute to this great project.
  • GTK+ - Not a perfect ecosystem, but a nice ball of mud to play with.
  • IronPython - Hey it might be "from" Microsoft, but core CLR and IL are not so bad.
  • SDL - One of the nicer open source communities and a very useful library.

[edit] Other research interests

  • Steganography and specifically steganography in executable code (either hard instructions or interpreted bytecode), especially non-x86, since this is the usual focus
  • Computer architecture simulation/emulation
  • Image processing and applications for machine vision and AutoID, especially on resource constrained systems
  • Signal processing in general both analog and digital
  • Squeezing performance/Algorithm development and implementation on relatively resource limited hardware (today these would be things like ARM/MIPS SoCs, even PICs and Atmel AVRs)

[edit] Credentials (Leveling up)

  • BSEE University of Rochester, May 2010 - specializing in economics and computer organization (architecture)
  • 8 years experience working in engineering and OEM customer support for a major manufacturer that was bought out by megacorp Honeywell. In retrospect, the original company was one of the nicest places to work for.