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I'm a long time hacker. I started really building things back in the early 80's in high school. I've built some robots, and many other electronics projects. More recently, I've become a fan of Mythbusters and the whole Maker movement.

Here are some things I'm somewhat good at;

  • programming ; java, C, Flex, ActionScript, Javascript, C++, Objective-C
  • automotive work : I'm not afraid of tackling any kind of job, from brakes to timing belt changes.
  • building with wood : I've built many things from wood, big and small
  • electronics and computer hardware : I can solder well, design circuits, make PC boards, etc..
  • machining : I've used a lathe and mill, but not recently. I'm sure I could do it again, but definitely want more practice.
  • fiberglass : I have done minor repairs on my sailboat. Know the basics.

Things I'd like to learn;

  • CAD : to design parts before building things, and maybe even send the design to a stereo lithography machine or CNC mill.
  • Welding : I'm poor at it, but have welded a few things that held up.
  • what else can you teach me??

Here are 2 blogs I write;