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[edit] 2019-01-08

  • Started at 7:17 PM
  • Attendance

Members: Carl (VP), Forrest (MAL), Walt (Treasurer), Scott (Secretary) Bill 2 , D Joe,

Non-Members: Seth

  • Old minutes:

no objections

  • Consent agenda


  • President's Report: (Bill)

No report. Absent due to sick

  • Vice President: (Carl)

Did linux workshop last month. Gonna do another one this month.

  • Treasurer: (Walt)
    • 500 for rent this month
    • we send invoices out, people not paying on time. don't think it's working... perhaps change off of Invoicely
    • survived last 6 mos by donations
    • insurance premium this month too
    • we need to get more people to want to become members
    • perhaps need to do outreach?
    • "Gloom and doom but we're makin' it."
    • perhaps more HAMs?

  • Secretary: (Scott)
    • Retro Meetup happened, Mostly just me.
    • Fixed up Atari 800, brought in Atari 2600, set up shelves
    • C64 is dead. Need to look into that more.
    • Carl will hand off account creds today.
    • Next meeting January 22nd
  • Member At Large: (Forrest)
    • Science.
  • New Business/Old Business
    • Bill2 mentioned doing videos
  • Adjourned at 7:32pm