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[edit] Hacker Of The Month Award

[edit] What is it?

Every month, up to 3 people are chosen as candidates for HOTMA. They are nominated by other members prior to the monthly regularly scheduled meeting. On the night of the meeting, a secret ballot is taken and results are tallied to decide who will receive the Hacker Of The Month Award.

[edit] How to be Nominated

There are too many qualities of a hacker to give you a definitive list of what you need to do to be nominated. Below are a few examples:

  • Make/Build/Hack something particularly interesting
  • Improvement of the space in some form that benefits the group
  • Show above and beyond membership

[edit] The Award (UNDER REVISION)

The following are some of the benefits of the award:

  1. FREE membership for your month or $50 towards the project of your choosing
  2. Picture of you in the space as the Hacker of the Month
  3. Trophy that is passed to each hacker
  4. Fame and respect from your peers

[edit] Rules

  • Student and Full members are equally qualified for the award.
  • Nominations must appear on the wiki at least 24 hours before the election meeting
  • A nomination must come from another member than the nominee. (You can't nominate yourself)
  • Only 3 nominations are allowed
  • If there are more than 3 people as candidates, the directors will vote amongst themselves to keep it to 3
  • A nominee must be present to receive their award
  • In case of a tie a re-vote with the final two candidates is performed. If there is still a tie, the award is shared and split down the middle.
  • The trophy must be returned for next month's meeting