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How Do I … Encryption


padlock-157619_960_720[1]Next week, June 14th we’ll be continuing our seminar series that teaches about core things we use. This month will be an introduction to encryption. This will be a hands on, practical learning about the basics of things like symmetric vs asymmetric ciphers, hashing vs key derivation functions, the good and bad of normal algorithms, and maybe some demos using existing libraries like NaCL. As always, this is open to the public and all are welcome. You can RSVP here┬áso that we can plan for enough spots.

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GPG Stuff

On April 12 at the Interlock there was a “How do I …” class on generating GPG keys and what to do with them when preparing to go to a key signing event. Then at BSides Rochester on April 23 there was such an event. Following the key signing event at BSides there was a repeat of the class on generating your GPG keys.

Now for a follow up to the follow up, Interlock is hosting a Crypto Party on Friday, May 5 at 7PM as a prelude to the regular 2600 meeting. So come out on Friday to get your keys signed!

If you missed both classes but are still interested in having a secret decoder ring of your very own the slides are now available here.


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Arduino Day Schedule

Arduino Day, Saturday, Apr 2
1PM to 7PM at Interlock

1-2 will be a socializing time when people can come in, meet others, have some lunch and discuss electronics projects.
At 2PM we will have a “Getting Started with Arduino” if you want to know what this is all about and how to get started.
At 3PM we will open the floor to anyone that wants to show off the cool projects they have done with Arduinos.
At any time people are welcome to work on their own Arduino projects or help others designing their latest project.

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